Whether buying, selling, or improving your home, decisions are rarely made overnight. As our lives evolve, so does our plan for our home and wealth. The decision-making process occurs over a long period of time, rarely at the point of purchase. Throughout this process, I assist my clients with a wide variety of questions:

  • What is my current home worth?
  • What is the best way to follow listings and sales in our neighborhood, so that I can keep up with current market values without spending endless hours searching the Internet?
  • Should I consider remodeling and expanding my current home or buying a new one? What are the costs and consequences associated with each decision?
  • What kind of remodeling would suit our family size and lifestyle?
  • At what point should we begin remodeling in order to realize the best financial return on our investment?
  • What is the price ceiling in my neighborhood that we must observe before making financial decisions about remodeling or expanding?
  • What financial institutions offer the best rates and services for refinancing or purchasing a home?
  • Can you recommend a banker who could help ease the process and save me time and money?
  • Could you recommend a trustworthy contractor, vendor, or other specialist?

The questions and conversations that occur during the decision-making process are crucial to the health and wealth of my clients. I am available to render my best care throughout the process. This is how I earn my clients’ trust and show that I have the skills and resources to help them create a home to suit their needs and desires, and that will prove to be a worthy investment when it comes time to move on.

My Services Include:

  • Design and analysis concerning remodeling or expansion when buying or selling a home
  • Preparing for your home to be presented to the market, including interior design and staging
  • Referring my trusted network of professionals—recommending vendors, contractors, interior designers, and others to accomplish any and all of the work required.
  • The Power of Compass Concierge. The hassle-free way to sell homes faster and for a higher price, Compass Concierge helps you maximize your listing’s value with home improvement services like staging, flooring, painting and so much more! No upfront costs, no interest. Please view the link:
  • Market analysis and forecasting to realize the highest and best price for your home
  • Creating all written and visual marketing materials to describe and present the quality and value of your home to obtain the highest and best price
  • Providing direct mail, magazine, web, email, and social media advertising to inform and widen the qualified audience pool for the purchase of your home and increase the number of the offers
  • All advertising will invite the reader to visit the website of your home, which will present a full description, photographs and virtual tour including invitation to open houses etc.
    Please note that this website would be announcing the listing of your home to the market audience for the first time. So, it is imperative to build the best first impressions with a composition of photos and descriptions that excite the viewer and become the orientation and ambition for their first visit
  • If you choose, an open house will be planned to facilitate viewing by potential buyers, or by appointment only visits will be scheduled for showing
  • A full disclosure package, including all inspections, will be prepared to manage and minimize risk. Case history shows that the majority of claims against sellers arise from inspections and disclosure during the contract management period of purchase or sale. I am proud that I have never been involved in any legal claims against my clients during the course of my entire career. My knowledge of disclosure laws and contract management skills with meticulous attention to details over the course of the sale guarantees my success and protects my clients

I look forward to the opportunity to become a part of your life in this exciting time.