Harry G

I have known Benjamin Guilardi for many years and he has been the only agent that I have used to purchase or sell nine properties for me, or my family, for the past 30+ years.
He has earned my respect and trust through his conduct, his unbiased advice, his knowledge of the real estate market and trends, attention to every detail, and an attitude for perfection that he possesses.
When I needed to purchase a property, he pointed out the positives and negatives and their impact on cash flow/profitability and financing. When I needed to sell a property, he evaluated the market conditions and proposed a selling price that was realistic and matched the market conditions at that time. He also brought his team of professionals to provide additional services like filming, decorating, painting, repairs and gardening which made the property very attractive to buyers. He just made it easy for me to do what I had to do and he knows his business.
Being a very talented architect, I employed his services in several occasions to see what I could do to expand a property and remodel it. His advice was always realistic and financially sound.
I highly recommend Benjamin to any person who is looking for the best to sell, buy or remodel a property.